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Spirit West Coast '97 Photo Album

As we get our photos and videos ready, we'll upload them so you can all take a peek into our little contribution to SWC '97.

If you have any SWC photos that you would like to share with us and have them included here, e-mail us, and we'll tell you what you need to do!

Photos Updated 9/10/01

Dave King @ SWC '97
Dave King at SWC '97
(Click picture for larger version)
Wishes and the "crowd" at SWC '97 pm show
(Click picture for larger version)
Dave@ SWC '98
Jim having a little fun at SWC '97 pm show!
(Click picture for larger version)

Jim & Chris movin' to the beat!
(Click picture for larger version)
Dancing @ SWC '98

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